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  ROP Career Technical Education and Training


North Orange County ROP courses combine classroom and hands-on training.  All instruction is based on the California Career Technical Education standards, which are aligned with the Common Core State standards.  These standards prepare students for career and college.
>North Orange County ROP's Expected Results for Students>

Classes are conducted using one or more of the following methods:

Learning takes place in a classroom setting with hands-on skills training using industry-standard equipment. Learn more about classroom locations.

Community Classroom (CC)
Community Classroom is a combination of classroom instruction and unpaid on-the-job training at businesses or agency sites.

Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE)
Cooperative Vocational Education is a combination of classroom instruction, and paid on-the-job training.  Students enrolled in CVE courses must be employed in a related industry.


Students earn high school credit for classes.  Credits are issued by the high school.

Each student who satisfactorily completes an ROP class receives an ROP Letter of Competency explaining what skills/competencies the student learned in the class.  Students can request a letter of competency from the registrar in the Student Information Services for each core competency.


Articulation is a formal agreement that connects sequenced courses between ROP and community college.  High School students who successfully complete an articulated course may receive credit and/or skip the Intro level course at the community college level.

North Orange County ROP has entered into articulation agreements with several local community colleges. More >

University of California Approved Courses

Certain ROP courses meet UC approved admission requirements.  Designated ROP courses meet the UC Visual and Performing Arts "f", the UC Language other than English "e", or the UC College-preparatory Elective "g" requirement for admission.  More >


Afterschool Classes

Some ROP class sections for high schools are offered afterschool (often period 7) and are open to all high school students in the districts North Orange County ROP serves

Afterschool class offerings differ by school and district.

Automotive Technology
Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA)
Business Technology (Computer Applications)
Computer Graphics and Design
Careers With Children: Preschool Lab (CC))
Construction Occupations
Dental Assistant
Emergency Medical Responder
Entertainment Park/Tourism Careers (CC/CVE)
Medical Core
Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Preschool Assistant - Careers w/ Children
Retail Sales/General Merchandising (CC/CVE)
Welding/Metal Fabrication
More >

Open-entry Classes

If there are openings, high school students may enroll in open-entry classes almost any time during the semester, providing some flexibility for busy students.

Specialized Programs

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) offers employment and training services to in-school and out-of school youth who meet specific eligibility requirements. The program addresses the attainment of basic skills, enhanced opportunities for academic and occupational training and exposure to the job market and employment.  For Information regarding
in-school youth WIA participation, call 714-502-5833.  

For Information regarding out-of-school youth WIA participation, call 714-502-5875.

WorkAbility I provides comprehensive employment preparation for special education students, ages 14-22, in four school districts served by ROP.  Eligible students may also receive assessment of career interests and aptitudes, career technical training and workplace skills preparation.  Call 714-502-5851, 714-502-5828, or 714-502-5868.

This year no summer ROP classes will be held from late June through early August.  Fall semester classes start August 10th.

Course Descriptions

Industry Sectors

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment

Building & Construction Trades

Business & Finance

Education, Child Development &
     Family Services

Engineering & Architecture

Health Science & Medical Technology

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation /
     Culinary Arts

Manufacturing &
     Product Development

Marketing, Sales & Service

Public Services / Public Protection

Transportation / Auto Technology

Student Registration

Student Information Services at the ROP Education Center in Anaheim can provide you with information regarding course offerings and the status of classes  714-502-5858.

Adult registration assistance is available at the ROP Education Center.   More>

High school students should meet with their on-campus counselor or career guidance specialist More>

Afterschool Class Schedule
(updated 1/7/14)
Adult Fee-based Course Schedule
CEUs for CNAs and HHAs
Adult EMT Fee-Based Class

Online Classes!

Online classes offer students more study time flexibility:  Online Computer Graphics and Design

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Training

Contact Christina Campbell at 714-502-5876 regarding continuing education classes for Direct Support Professionals. 

DSP Training Details

Adult Fee-Based Courses

Adult Fee-Based Programs

Fee-Based Policies and Details


Open-Entry Classes

Auto Body Repair (CC/CVE)
Business Technology
Career Training for Transition
Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
Computer Graphics and Design
Construction Occupations
Floral Design (CC/CVE)
Preschool Assistant (CC/CVE)
Retail Careers/General
   Merchandising (CC/CVE)
Retail Restaurant Careers (CC/CVE)

Class availability is subject to change.